Bride-to-be Blogger Kathleen: The Dress Hunt Ends

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Sometimes, all you have to do is trust yourself.

I’ve been on the dress hunt since August, and during all of that time, I could have just been a bit more “adult-like” and called some shops to see if they carried a certain dress line. You see, for some reason Watters’ dress location-finder wasn’t working on my computer, and there were about 10 dresses from the WTOO line that I loved. So, instead of picking up the phone and asking the stores if they carried the dresses, I just went to whatever dress shops I could find within the area that were in my price range. And of course I was unsuccessful, because the whole time I kept saying to myself, “I really like those dresses I saw online.” Sure, bringing the printed-out photos helped, but I kept coming up short. Until one day, I came across a shop in Marlton that carried the WTOO line.

I arrived at the Bridal Garden with my maid of honor and had a slight feeling of relief. Not only because we managed not to get lost (two Philly girls driving around in no-left-hand-turn New Jersey using cell phone navigation doesn’t always have the highest success rates), but because the brick building seemed legit and welcoming. No strip mall, no giant purple-ish pink building in the middle of nowhere, just a nice brick building with white columns and beautiful hardwood floors. Everyone in the store was super nice, and when it came time to show my consultant the pictures I had been carrying around for months, I heard a set of unfamiliar words: “We have that dress.” I’m sorry, what was that? You have a dress that is like this dress, or you literally have this dress in the store? They literally had every dress I liked from the website. Finally, a fun and exciting dress appointment!

I tried on about 10 dresses, all from the WTOO line. All of them under my price point, all of them perfect in their own little ways. I was able to narrow down the selection to just two dresses, but then I hit a wall. I knew one of them was going to be the dress, but how would I choose? The consultant and my MOH both agreed that I couldn’t make a “wrong” choice, and, really, both dresses were perfect, in my eyes. I stood in front of the mirror in one dress with the consultant holding the other dress up next to me, and with my head tilted slightly to the right, I said to myself, Here is your chance to not do the expected, pick the dress that isn’t the safe bet. And I did.

{And just a quick FYI for all you ladies who are, like me, buying your own dress, or just looking for a great deal, in case you didn’t know: You will not pay any sales tax on a bridal gown if you purchase it in New Jersey. New Jersey does not consider it to be a “luxury” item.}

Was there a moment in your dress shopping where everything finally started to make sense? Anything you wish you had done differently a little earlier in the process?


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