Bride-to-Be Blogger Danielle: My Dress Is In!

My dress is in!  My dress is in!

Priscilla of Boston in Ardmore.

And clearly, I am excited about this. Tuesday night I went to Priscilla of Boston in Ardmore to see my gown — the very dress I will wear when I say “I do” — and try it on for the first time. You may recall I had some hiccups with my muslin. When it first arrived, it had been made to the wrong specifications. The alterations manager, Mia, opened up the seams and added a panel so I could get it on, but it was still a little snug. So, I was a little nervous when I got to the salon.

The dress was even more beautiful than I remembered it, and when I stepped into it and zipped it up, it fit. In fact, it was a little bit too big, which was a huge win for me. I’ve been working hard to take off the weight I put on between purchasing the dress and my muslin fitting in November, and looks like it paid off.  I wish that I had someone else there to witness it, because I’m still not sure I can believe it myself.

I stepped on the pedestal and looked in the mirror. After that, I did not ever want to take off the dress. I think I smiled for the next ten minutes straight. Mia pinned up the dress, and measured for the bustle. All the while she kept telling me how skinny and beautiful I am, which made me glow even more. (The lighting down in alterations helps, too.) I felt so comfortable and beautiful, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Ladies, if you purchase your dress at this salon, I highly recommend requesting Mia for your alterations, if you have the option. The flattery alone is worth it, but she is also meticulous. She insisted on two more fittings, then one more “try on” appointment, then another to pick up the dress after it is pressed. She said she is nervous I’ll lose more weight. Slim chance, but I like the way she thinks!

How many fittings did/will you have? Do you feel comfortable with your alterations manager? Was your dress everything you had hoped it would be?

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