Bride-to-be Blogger Jennifer: Crunch Time

Jen and her mom on the dress-selecting outing.

With my mother and sister in tow, I tried on my gown this weekend. It wasn’t a version of it in the wrong color or wrong size. This one is mine — the actual one I will wear when I (happily) cry my eyes out while pledging my loyalty, love and life to Anthony.

I thought it would be like the scenario that plays out on your birthday and people ask if you feel a year older. Of course you don’t. You usually play along anyway to humor everyone. I didn’t think this would be much different — the three of us back in the same fitting room, joking around as always. Why would this be different; signify anything?

I was incredibly wrong, though, and the experience was more than I expected. The dress is even more gorgeous than I remember, and seeing it in the exact color that I selected was breathtaking. I had a real aha moment and I enjoyed standing there being oh-so-girly in my gown. It’s just crazy to me that I am getting married this year — in less than 100 days, as my wedding-countdown calendar ever so gently reminds me.

Trying on my dress was exactly the motivation I needed to get back into the swing of things, especially the post-holiday gym routine. So it is definitely crunch time, and that’s okay. We’ve almost been engaged for a full year, and I can honestly say this process has been enjoyable. The next three months will bring a lot of stress, but we’re ready and aware of that as we face it head on. We know when to slow down and breathe, remember what all of this hard work is for, and how important it is to both of us.

How are you staying motivated to continue all of the planning/keep up with whatever activities you are doing in preparation? What advice do you have to motivate others?

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