Sixers Draft Pick Tracker

By Derek Bodner

Each morning we’ll update this page to show how the draft picks the Sixers are owed would look if the season ended today.


(last updated April 15th, 2016)

Locked in place:

What draft picks the Sixers are guaranteed to receive in the 2016 NBA draft, not including picks yet to be determined by May 17th's lottery)

Position to be determined by May 17th’s lottery:

PickCurrentlyProtectionChance it conveys*Notes
Sixers1stn/an/aLocked at worst record
Lakers2ndTop 344.2%Locked at 2nd worst record
Pick Swaps
Kingst8thn/a19 ping pong balls.* Kings won the coin flips and will be slotted 8th.
*Chance the Sixers will get the draft pick. For the Kings pick swap, it's how many additional ping pong balls the Sixers will have in the lottery, out of 1,000 total.

Last night’s (April 13th) results:

Impacting the Kings pick swap:

  • Houston beat Sacramento (good): Houston destroyed a clearly-tanking Sacramento team that needed to lose.
  • Portland beat Denver (bad): Denver put up a fight early, but Portland pulled away late. Denver losing keeps them in a tie with Sacramento and Milwaukee at the 8th worst record.
  • Indiana beat Milwaukee (bad): Milwaukee tried to come back late, but their loss keeps them tied with Sacramento and Milwaukee at 33-49.

Impacting Miami’s pick:

  • Boston beat Miami (good): Miami blew a huuuuuuuuuuuuge lead, an important loss against a Boston team that was one game behind them.
  • Charlotte beat Orlando (good): Charlotte found themselves in an early deficit, but came back. They were also a game behind Miami, so their win sets up a four-team tie.
  • Washington beat Atlanta (bad): Atlanta fell to a Washington team that had nothing to play for, which was disappointing. Had Atlanta won, they would have finished ahead of Miami. Instead, it’s a four-team tie.

Impacting OKC’s pick:

  • Toronto beat Brooklyn (good): Toronto had nothing to play for, and looked like it early, falling behind against the woeful Nets. They ended up pulling away, though, giving them one more win than the Thunder and locking OKC’s pick in at 26th.

Sixers pick (will finish with the worst record):

The Sixers are guaranteed to finish with the worst record in the NBA, thus earning 250 out of 1,000 lottery combinations in May 17th’s lottery.

Lakers pick (Top-3 protected, will finish with the 2nd worst record)

The Lakers are guaranteed to have the 2nd worst record in the NBA. The Sixers will have a 44.2 percent chance of getting the Lakers pick this year (31.87 percent for the #4 pick, 12.36 percent for the #5 pick). If the Sixers do not get the Lakers pick this year, the pick will be top-3 protected in 2017, then unprotected in 2018, if it hasn’t yet conveyed.

Heat pick (Top-10 protected, currently tied for 21st, lost coin flip, will draft 24th):

Things worked out just about perfectly for the Sixers last night. Miami’s loss, along with wins from Boston and Charlotte, creates a four-team tie with Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, and Miami at 48-34. This pick can still end up anywhere from 21st to 24th, and will be determined by coin flips, which should happen within the next few days.

Update (April 15th):

The Miami Heat came in last on the drawing to break up the four-team tie and will have the 24th pick in the draft.

Oklahoma City Thunder pick (Top-15 protected, finished 26th):

Toronto’s win gives them 56 wins, one more than Oklahoma City, and thus locks the OKC pick in at 26th.

Sacramento Kings Pick Swap (tied for 8th, won coin flip):

The Kings tied with Milwaukee and Denver at 33-49 for the 8th worst record. That gives the Sixers, at least, an additional 18 ping pong balls in May’s lottery, and could be a 19th depending on the results of the coin flips between the team.

The coin flip has an additional meaning: if Sacramento loses, they will finish below Denver and Milwaukee in the draft order, assuming none of them move into the top-3 after the lottery. It’s much more likely that one team 11th or lower moves into the top-3 than it is two teams do, so you hope Sacramento wins at least one coin flip, as that will decrease the chances Chicago gets the pick this year, and thus impact whether the Sixers will get a top-10 protected pick in 2018 or an unprotected pick in 2019 from Sacramento.

Again, a coin flip should happen in the next few days.

Update (April 15th):

The Sacramento Kings won the coin flip and will be slotted at 8th overall. The 3 teams will still split the 56 ping-pong ball combinations awarded for the 8th, 9th, and 10th slots, giving 18 each, but the Kings will get an additional 19th combination by winning the tie breaker. It also virtually eliminates the chances of the Kings falling out of the top-10 and conveying the pick to the Bulls, which helps the Sixers get an unprotected 2019 first round pick rather than a top-10 protected 2018 pick from Sacramento.

Kings FinishExtra Lottery Balls#1 PickTop-2 PickTop-3 Pick
tied 8th1926.9%49.5%67.7%
How the Sacramento Kings positioning will impact the Sixers' chances of getting a top pick. Combined odds based on the Sixers finishing with the worst record in the league.
Sixers original chances, without the pick swap: #1 Pick: 25%, Top-2 Pick: 46.5%, Top-3 Pick: 64.3%
The Kings current position is in bold.