Megan Boni, a.k.a. Girl On Couch, Explains Her TikTok Success

The Main Line native tells all.

Megan Boni aka Girl on Couch on TikTok

Megan Boni, a.k.a. Girl on Couch on TikTok / Photograph by Stevie Chris

One day, you’re working a normal job, doing normal life things. The next day, you post a silly little video on TikTok and … boom! Here, Main Line native Megan Boni, who recently posted a silly little video on her Girl On Couch TikTok account, explains what happened next.

My full name is … Megan Boni, which of course made all the kids call me Mega-Boner.

Online, I am known as … Girl on Couch, because I realized I was rotting my brain out on TikTok for hours and hours from the same spot on my couch.

Before April 30th, I was … a normal corporate gal working in sales. And then I decided to do a TikTok video making fun of girls who complain about being single but have a huge list of needs. As the video says, all I’m asking for is a man in finance with a trust fund, six-five, blue eyes. It quickly got tens of millions of views and will get many, many more.

What all that means is … that I just got a music deal with Universal for the 10-second song that pays me more than my full-time job would pay me in a year, with the potential for much, much more. So I quit said job. I’ve gotten all kinds of brand deals, like Tinder just paid me handsomely for 15 seconds of me in a hoodie. All these underwear companies are sending me free stuff.

I’d describe myself as … lazy, personable and funny. But mostly lazy.

I’m an aspiring … actress and comedian.

I grew up in … Bryn Mawr, went to Harriton High. My parents just downsized from Bryn Mawr to Rittenhouse.

Whenever I come back to Philly, I always go to … Manhattan Bagel. That’s so embarrassing. And my mom buys me clothes at Boyds. Love Boyds.

These days, I live in … Chelsea. I moved here after graduating Penn State, and I’m finishing my online Temple MBA this fall.

When I’m not on TikTok, I am … bingeing any and every show. I fall asleep to 20/20 crime episodes like a psychopath.

Facebook is … irrelevant.

The thing I miss most about Philly is … its manageability.

Dating in 2024 is … miserable. Online dating has made me far too picky. You keep X’ing people over just one trait, even though they’re great.

The last time I dated a guy I met in person was … so long ago. Years.

My ideal man has … whatever color eyes, however tall — but preferably five-11 — and has to balance me out by being much more chill.

By the time I turn 30, I hope to be … on Saturday Night Live as a regular cast member. My idols are Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig.

The secret to TikTok is … you have to say something crazy in the first three seconds.

If you tell me you’re not on TikTok, I will tell you that … I’m jealous.

The last time I had a cheesesteak was … just two weeks ago, at Dino’s in Margate. I’ll be in Margate all summer, since I just quit my job.

My current playlist includes … Billie Eilish, Charli XCX, SZA and Sabrina Carpenter.

The dumbest pickup line a guy has DM’d me was … “Are you an alien? Because you’re out of this world.”

An average dinner for me is … Chipotle. Chicken burrito. Three times a week.

One thing New York needs to steal from Philly is … great fans. Philly breeds die-hard fans and people just obsessed with the city. I love it.

Published as “One of Us: Megan Boni” in the July 2024 issue of Philadelphia magazine.