There’s Now an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Version of Monopoly

It’s no Chardee MacDennis, but that’s probably for the best. Let’s break down all the unhinged references on the board.

it's always sunny in philadelphia monopoly

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has its own version of Monopoly. / Photographs courtesy of The Op

The classic board game Monopoly lets you jaunt around the Jersey Shore locations, from the Atlantic City Boardwalk to Ventnor Avenue. But what about a polluted beach where dogs play by their own rules, Charlie drinks sunblock and Frank feasts on Rum Ham?

Thanks to the Op, you can now experience all the depravity and misadventures of the Always Sunny gang — instead of houses, you improve your properties with “scams.” It may not be the “Game of Games” that Chardee MacDennis promises, but that’s probably for the best. Let’s explore, shall we?

First off, the tokens. A quaint thimble and fancy top hat have no place in the Always Sunny universe.

Always Sunny Monopoly

Game tokens from Always Sunny Monopoly

Instead, traverse the board as Charlie’s rat stick, Mac’s impossibly old dog Poppins, a kitten in “mittons,” Mac’s duster, a Birds of War hat, or, of course, the beloved Rum Ham that Frank tragically loses like Wilson from Castaway.

Instead of Chance and Community Chest cards, you’ll have to deal with dramatic swings in fortune from Dayman and Nightman. Will you have to pay each player 50 Paddy’s Dollars because you fell for an Invigaron pyramid scheme? Will you invoke the World Series defense to get out of parking tickets? (The “jail” squares on the board remain unchanged from original Monopoly, but, yeah, that checks out.)

Onto the properties. The references run deep with these: Yes, there’s the obvious Paddy’s Pub and characters’ apartments, but you’ll also haggle over Guigino’s restaurant (and origin of the best staredown meme ever), Old Lady House (you’ll never be alone!), Sudz, the suburban house that drives Mac and Dennis mad, and more.

And who wants to rack up railroads when you can buy the Gang’s ill-fated boat (P. Diddy-style-boat-party dance optional) or their tailgating RV (BYO Greenman suit)?

The word “utility” takes on new meaning as the Electric Company is swapped for the sociopathic dating advice of the D.E.N.N.I.S. system. And the luxury tax is nothing compared to the Troll Toll.

Always Sunny Monopoly is available online for $45. Season 16 of the show is currently in production, but this game should tide you over nicely.