Philly Today: Billy Joel to Play the Linc — with Stevie Nicks — in June

Plus, about that U.S. mail that never showed up...

billy joel and stevie nicks, who have announced a Philadelphia concert

Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks (photos via Getty Images)

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Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks to Team Up for Philadelphia Concert at the Linc in 2023

Outside of New York City, there is no town that is a Billy Joel town the way that Philly is a Billy Joel town. The man is downright revered here. And you might say that Philadelphia created Billy Joel. (Actually, I said exactly that in a 2015 story I wrote headlined, well, “How Philadelphia Created Billy Joel.”) So there are going to be a whole lot of people excited to know that Billy Joel is playing a just-announced concert at Lincoln Financial Field in 2023.

One month after Taylor Swift takes the stage at Lincoln Financial Field (I’m still laughing at the $800 nosebleed seats that are, essentially, behind the stage), Billy Joel, who will have hit 74 by then, and Stevie Nicks (she has him out-aged by one year) will do so on June 16th.

I am going to go ahead and make a prediction. While both Joel and Nicks will play their own sets, I’m saying that they duet. I’m guessing the Stevie Nicks hit “Leather and Lace,” which she originally performed with Don Henley. And, oh, hmm … You know, a “Captain Jack” duet with Stevie Nicks would be particularly epic. But Joel doesn’t like to play “Captain Jack.” So I think the duet is “New York State of Mind,” which lends itself to dueting as Billy Joel and Barbra Streisand have already demonstrated.

a promotional graphic for the billy joel and stevie nicks tour

Want tickets? If you have a Citi credit card, there’s a presale just for you from December 13th at 10 a.m. through December 15th at 10 p.m. (Note that as of press time, the promoters have yet to list the show on that presale link.) And the general public can buy tickets on beginning on December 16th at 10 a.m.

So if you had no idea what to buy that Billy Joel (or Stevie Nicks) fan on your list, now you do.

Other stops on the “Two Icons: One Night” tour: Los Angeles, California, March 10th; Arlington, Texas, April 8th; Nashville, May 19th; Columbus, Ohio, August 5th; and Kansas City, Missouri, August 19th.

People Who Illegally Pass School Buses, You’re Officially On Notice

As I have lamented in the past, drivers in the Philadelphia area have gotten downright bad and dangerous since the start of the pandemic. They blow through stop signs. They treat red lights as yellow lights. And they even illegally pass school buses. All with impunity. Until now. Well, at least as far as the school buses are concerned. Some local school districts are installing special devices on buses that will detect a car passing illegally and snap a photo of the license plate. And then? You get a $300 ticket in the mail. As you should. Be better.

So That’s What Happened to My Mail That Never Showed Up

The United States Attorney for Philadelphia has announced that 27-year-old Zachkey James has been charged with impersonating a mail carrier and stealing mail from those blue mailboxes, specifically blue mailboxes in Kingsessing and Germantown. Included in that stolen mail, allege the feds? Fifteen mail-in ballots. Yikes! The maximum sentence, if he’s convicted, is 31 years in prison and a fine of up to $1.5 million.

Sounds Like a Traffic Nightmare

Nineteen thousand people use Delco’s Route 420 South Bridge on a daily basis. Or at least they did. PennDot just closed the bridge indefinitely due to some alarming problems found during a routine inspection.

And from the Where’s-the-Freakin’-Weekend Sports Desk …

What happens when you pit a quorum of Quakers against a warren of Wildcats?

The Phillies — doing their part for our men in blue:

New sport: Shaq-tossing!

And if ya know, ya know:

The Flyers also played.

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