Carson Wentz Announces Plan to Build Sports Complex in Haiti

The Eagles quarterback’s AO1 Foundation is seeking donations for the project, with Wentz himself matching up to $500,000.

Image via the AO1 Foundation.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was so touched by the mission trip he took to Haiti last offseason that this year he decided to go back and build a state-of-the-art sports complex for residents.

Wentz’s charitable endeavor, the AO1 Foundation, has partnered with Mission of Hope: Haiti to collect donations for the project over the next two weeks. And Wentz himself will match that fundraising total up to $500,000.

The finished sports complex will boast 10 soccer fields, two indoor basketball courts, six outdoor courts, a track and field arena, dormitories, locker rooms, and a community park with Wi-Fi access. Phase one of the project is already underway thanks to the work of Wentz and a few of his Eagles teammates.

Of course this mission is not all about sports. It’s also centered on Wentz’s strong Christian faith.

“While the AO1 Foundation believes that sports can teach valuable lessons to help advance the Haitian youth, we understand the ultimate goal is to reach these kids for Christ,” a statement from the foundation reads. “One of the beauties of the Sports Complex is that every North American and Haitian worker will be trained to include aspects of the Gospel when interacting with kids. Through these interactions with mentors and older role models, we believe children will begin to change the way they view the world around them.”

You can hear Wentz talk more about the project with NBC10’s John Clark below.