Krasner Announces Rest of DA’s Office Leadership Hires in Internal Email

From former staffers to legal trailblazers, the new top prosecutor has put together a mix of influences to work in his administration.

District Attorney-elect Larry Krasner | Photo courtesy of Krasner’s campaign

In an internal email obtained by Philadelphia magazine, District Attorney Larry Krasner officially announced the rest of his office’s new leadership team following a staff meeting on Wednesday evening. Over the past week, the names of a few high-profile hires had been released, such as communications consultant Ben Waxman as spokesperson; Leigh Owens, Krasner’s former deputy campaign manager, as community relations coordinator; and former Urban Affairs Coalition exec Arun Prabhakaran as chief of staff.

Waxman confirmed the contents of the email and noted that while there may be some new hires down the road, Krasner told staff on Wednesday that “the main choices are in place.” “There won’t be another huge shakeup on the horizon as with last week,” Waxman said. “Krasner informed the staff that he’s confident in his current hires.”

Here’s the complete list from the email:

Larry Krasner, Philadelphia District Attorney
Carolyn Engel Temin, Interim First Assistant District Attorney

Arun Prabhakaran, Chief of Staff
Rachel Mitchell, Director of Human Resources
Marian Braccia, Interim Supervisor of Information Technology
Jeffery Lindy, Interim Supervisor of Training and Development
Leigh Owens, Interim Supervisor of Community Engagement
Mike Lee, Interim Supervisor of Government Affairs
Keith Daviston, CFO

Ben Waxman, Director of Communications
Michael Cram, Staff Inspector Country Detectives
Drew Jenemann, Interim Supervisor, PNTF and Forfeiture Unit
Jude Conroy, Interim Supervisor, Gun Violence Task Force
John Tartikoff, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Gun Violence Task Force
Jim Dellafiore, Interim Supervisor, Public Criminal Complaint Unit
Sybil Murphy, Interim Supervisor, Special Investigations
Lisa Caulfield, Interim Supervisor, Economic and Cyber Crime Unit
Dawn Holtz, Interim Supervisor, Insurance Fraud Unit

Ryan Slaven, Interim Assistant Supervisor, Dangerous Drug Offender Unit
Jan McDermott, Interim Supervisor, Trial Division
Mike Stackow, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Trial Division
Ed Jaramillo, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Trial Division
Joanne Pescatore, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Trial Division
Angel Flores, Interim Supervisor, Municipal Court Unit
Branwen McNabb, Interim Supervisor, Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit
Cheryl Yankolonis, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit
Anthony Voci, Jr., Interim Supervisor, Homicide
Ed Cameron, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Homicide
Erin Boyle, Assistant Interim Supervisor, Homicide
Kelly Harrell, ADA Homicide
Matt Krouse, ADA Homicide
Cydney Pope, ADA Homicide
Shuaiyb Newton, ADA Homicide
Movita Johnson-Harrell, Interim Supervisor, Victim Witness Services and Restorative Justice
Nancy Winkelman, Interim Supervisor, Law Division
Larry Goode, Interim Supervisor, Appeals Unit
Tracey Kavanagh, Interim Supervisor, PCRA Unit
Bryan Hughes, Interim Supervisor, Civil Litigation Unit
Norman Millard, Interim Supervisor, Charging Unit
Rich Boyd, Interim Supervisor, Pretrial Unit

Chip Junod, Interim Supervisor, Diversion Court
Paul Goldman, Interim Supervisor, Juvenile Division
Lisa Harvey, Interim Supervisor, Juvenile Unit
Carole Weiner, Interim Supervisor, Youth Violence Reduction Partnership
Ebony Wortham, Interim Supervisor, Juvenile Justice, Policy and Prevention Unit
Joan Esmonde, Interim Supervisor, Child Support Enforcement Unit

Notable standouts on the list includes Temin, 83, a legal trailblazer who became first staff attorney to be hired at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. An ex-judge, she also became the first female president of the Pennsylvania Conference of State Trial Judges in 1992. Another standout is Philadelphia Lawyers for Social Equality co-founder Mike Lee, who is known for his work on expanding local expungement clinics.

To explain why most of his appointments have been termed “interim,” Krasner told reporters during a press conference on Tuesday that “Supervisors become entrenched and they fall out of touch with the daily activities of the people they supervise, so for example you may have a chief of some trial unit who hasn’t tried a case in a decade, or 15 years. We are doing it to send a clear message that supervision will not be a permanent condition, at least for the most part.”