Feds: Philly Cop Helped Baltimore Officers Sell Seized Drugs

Officer Eric Snell was indicted for his alleged role in a multi-state conspiracy.

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Police Department.

The Philadelphia Police Department has suspended a 35th District officer for 30 days with intent to dismiss after he was indicted by federal authorities in Maryland this week in connection with a multi-state drug conspiracy that also reportedly involved a group of Baltimore police officers.

Officer Eric Snell, 33, was charged on Tuesday with one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine for his alleged role in a scheme to sell drugs seized by rogue Baltimore cops here in Philadelphia. According to court documents, Snell worked as a police officer in Maryland’s largest city for three years and was an academy classmate of Detective Jemell Rayam before eventually joining the force in Philly.

Rayam is one of eight members in Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force that federal prosecutors have charged with a slew of offenses stemming from their alleged misconduct dating back years. Last year, federal prosecutors say Snell and Rayam hatched a plan to have Snell sell drugs stolen by the elite unit. The indictment states that between October 28, 2016 and November 9, 2016, Snell deposited thousands of dollars in cash obtained from the illegal drug sales into Rayam’s bank account and provided him with money in person on at least one occasion.

After Rayam was charged in June, prosecutors say Snell told him to “stand tall” – meaning keep your mouth shut — on the recorded jail phone system and that he would “keep an eye” on his kids, which Rayam reportedly perceived to be a threat. Rayam has since pleaded guilty to federal charges including racketeering conspiracy, robbery, drug trafficking and overtime fraud.

If convicted of conspiracy, Snell faces up to 20 years behind bars. Court documents do not list an attorney for Snell. He’s scheduled to appear in federal court in Maryland on Friday.