The Best Thing That Happened This Week: A Major GPS Failure

Don’t believe everything that disembodied voice tells you, kids.

(AP Photo/Fred Maccarella)

God forbid young people’s phones ever die while they’re driving someplace, because they’ll never get there. They couldn’t read a map if their lives depended on it. Why should they? They have GPS. Just like the driver of an 18-wheeler that on Wednesday morning listened as Siri instructed him to turn onto the boardwalk ramp at Albany Avenue in Atlantic City—and then proceeded to drive along the boards for nearly three freaking miles to Ventnor, loaded up with construction supplies. It took municipal workers four hours to tear down benches and more than 100 feet of metal railing, then build a berm so they could extricate the 18,000-pound tractor trailer. Young people everywhere, let this be a cautionary lesson: You can’t always believe what that little phone says.

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