Coca-Cola Somehow Manages to Confuse Philly and Pittsburgh

We laughed it off, but Pittsburgh's a little bitter.

How quickly can you spot the mistake?

Probably faster than the Coca-Cola employee (or intern) who sent this tweet out into the unforgiving world this past weekend.

Coca-Cola tried to use the recent post-heatwave thunderstorms as a Twitter marketing ploy, posting a nifty weather map with a coke bottle launching across, leaving a trail of ice cubes in its path. It was almost clever – except for the fact that it’s a map of Philly, and the company said it was Pittsburgh‘s forecast.

Maybe they just couldn’t find Pittsburgh on a map? Who knows. But Pittsburgh’s bitter.

The company apologized for the confusion in a statement posted by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“We sincerely apologize to our loyal fans in Pittsburgh for using a Philly map in our recent tweet. To our fans in both cities, we promise this error has been corrected.

“This summer we are exploring innovative, adaptive technologies to serve up personalized content to our fans when the weather heats up, and remind them there’s nothing better than sharing an ice-cold Coke. In this case, our map accidentally missed the mark — literally.”

At least it wasn’t as big of a flop as Pepsi’s infamous Kendall Jenner commercial.

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