Ellen DeGeneres Says She’s Shutting Down Walnut Street on Wednesday

We're not exactly sure what Ellen's spectacle will entail — but we’ve got some (supposedly) informed speculation.

ellen degeneres

Photo via Flickr user ronpaulrevolt2008

Ellen DeGeneres will apparently shut down Walnut Street on Wednesday afternoon. 

How do we know? Twitter.

The star herself reportedly won’t be in town – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it on her show. According to Philly Chit Chat, a blog run by Philadelphia magazine gentleman paparazzo HughE Dillon, the show will film in Philly – the 1600 block of Walnut Street, to be exact – sometime in the afternoon. So get yourself ready.

We’re not sure what to expect, though our reporter Dan McQuade is hypothesizing.

Other possibilities include the QVC debut of Ellen’s shoe line, Dillon writes. He’s promoting the hashtag #ElleninPhilly to keep up with the latest word.


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