Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick Suspended Over Conway “Bullshit” Comment

A source tells us it was the language, not the politics, that led to the punishment.


Mike Jerrick, the longtime co-host of Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia, has been suspended by the station for an unknown amount of time for blurting out that Donald Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway is “good at bullshit” during a live broadcast on Tuesday morning.

Jerrick made the remark after seeing a clip of Conway telling Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd that White House press secretary Sean Spicer had used “alternative facts” about the number of attendees and viewers who witnessed Trump’s inauguration.

Jerrick confirmed the suspension to Philadelphia magazine.

Earlier, a Fox rep told Philly Mag that Jerrick’s comments were “not in line” with Fox guidelines and that “the matter has been addressed.”

According to a source close to the situation, the suspension was not because of politics, but because of the language Jerrick used. “It was warranted,” says the source. “You can’t be vulgar on TV.”

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