The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Three New Kinds of Dogs!

Diversity rules.

An American hairless terrier, a sloughi and a pumi.

An American Hairless Terrier (photo by Nyaah), a Sloughi (photo by Bởi Томасина) and a Pumi (photo by Pets Adviser).

This week the Kennel Club of Philadelphia announced that its National Dog Show in November will be the setting for the introduction of three new breeds of dogs! There’s the American Hairless Terrier (“an energetic, intelligent breed that originated from a mix of terriers called Feists”); the Sloughi (say “SLOO-gee”), a dog with a “melancholic expression” and a “quiet loyalty to its owner that does not easily waver” — perfect for Republicans; and the Pumi, which has a “whimsical expression” and is “energetic, lively, and ready to work.” We’ll take one of each, please. Yeah, yeah, we know — the best dog is a mutt from the shelter. But more dogs and fewer people — we’ll drink to that.

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