Here’s What the Phillies Would Look Like if They Were Beatles

It was Beatles Night at Citizens Bank Park last night. The team helpfully let us know what the Phillies would look like with mop-top haircuts.

Lost in the hub-bub over Chase Utley’s return to Philadelphia was this: It was also Beatles night! On August 16th, 1966, the Beatles played JFK Stadium — which once stood catty-corner from Citizens Bank Park, roughly.

That show cost $5 and got you 11 songs. The stadium was about a third full. The Beatles would only play nine more shows.

The Phillies brought out Philadelphia’s Official Designated Beatles Stand-In™, Larry Kane, and Beatles tribute band Britishmania. The Phillies’ in-stadium crew also photoshopped the Phillies to be wearing mop-top Beatles hair. Presented below, a collection of those edits.

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