Clinton Super PAC to Pause TV Ads in Pennsylvania for a Few Weeks

Thanks to a significant lead in the polls, Priorities USA, which backs the Democratic nominee, says it will pull ads from the state in September to save money.

Hillary Clinton is doing well in Pennsylvania. So well, apparently, that a pro-Clinton super PAC has decided to stop airing television ads in the state from September 2nd through the 20th, according to CNN.

The temporary blackout will also hit Virginia and Colorado, two more key battleground states where Clinton’s polling lead is significant, reported The Hill. 

“We know, at the moment, these are tough states for Donald Trump and there isn’t much of a need for us to air ads there,” said Justin Barasky, a spokesman for the super PAC Priorities USA, to CNN. The money will be moved to other activities such as turnout and party-building, and the group is reportedly looking at Arizona and Georgia, although Barasky said that there are no plans to expand before Labor Day.

This doesn’t mean that we’ll get a break from political ads however. Donald Trump‘s campaign announced yesterday that it will begin airing its first wave of ads in battleground states, including Pennsylvania.

Clinton leads Trump in Pennsylvania by about 11 points.