Theobald Agrees to Resign as Temple President, Board Says

His tenure will end August 1st. The Board of Trustees wouldn’t reveal details of his severance package.

Temple University President Neil Theobald in February 2013.

Temple University President Neil Theobald in February 2013.

Temple University President Neil Theobald has agreed to resign as president of the university effective August 1st, the Board announced on Thursday. 

Two weeks ago, the Board took an abrupt vote of no confidence in Theobald, saying that they were concerned about the way he handled the removal of Hai-Lung Dai as provost. The Board said at the time that it intended to fire Theobald and scheduled a vote for Thursday. A few hours before the Board was scheduled to meet, the Inquirer reported that Theobald had agreed to resign.

Theobald announced that Dai had been removed as provost on the same day that the University acknowledged it had developed a $22 million deficit in its financial-aid budget. The Board ultimately held Theobald responsible for the deficit.

Shortly after the announcement on Thursday, Dai applauded the “morally courageous acts” of the Board in moving to release Theobald.

“Changing the presidency is a grave matter for any university …,” Dai said in a statement sent by his lawyer, Patricia Pierce. “We are grateful that the Board has given the University this opportunity to recover and continue to fulfill its mission.”

Kevin Feeley, a spokesman for the Board of Trustees, told reporters on Thursday that Theobald had agreed to a compensation package. He wouldn’t divulge details.

Richard Englert will take over as acting president in August. Englert has served as acting president of the University in years past, including during the run-up to Theobald’s tenure, which began in 2012.

Also on Thursday, the Board voted to elect Gerry Lenfest, a former owner of the Inquirer, Daily News, and, as vice-chair of the executive committee.

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