3 Men Wanted for Assaulting School Police Officers

An attack in the Northeast on Monday turned into an assault on two school police officers, Philadelphia Police say. They've released new images of the suspects.

Suspects in police assault

Still images of suspects from Philadelphia Police Department

Three men attacked teens leaving Northeast High School — then turned their attack on school police officers who intervened, according to Philadelphia Police.

The assaults happened on Monday at 3:30 as school was dismissing. Police say two school police officers were escorting students out of the school — a normal activity — when they saw two adults attacking a Northeast student. The cops ran over and stopped the fight.

That’s when an argument happened between the two adults and the school police officers. Police say the two men began pushing and shoving the officers, eventually throwing one of the school cops to the ground and punching the other in the face. A third man then joined the fray; according to police, “all three began to pummel the officers.”


One of the school officers, Lorenzo Tatum, told NBC 10 he was punched by surprise by the third man who joined the attack. He told the station he suffered a sprained ankle and bruises; his partner’s jaw was broken.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact the Northeast Detective Division at 215.686.3153 or 215.686.3154. Tips can also be submitted to 215.686.8477, texted to 773847 or submitted online anonymously. Police say all tips are confidential.

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