The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The Eagles Made a Deal

And gave the world something to argue about

Howie Roseman. (USA Today Sports)

Howie Roseman. Photo | Trevor Ruszkowski, USA Today Sports

So, this week the Eagles traded away a bunch of draft picks so they could get a better draft pick, and that’s the best thing that happened.

What, are you a moron? That’s the worst thing that happened!

You’re the moron. It’s a great deal! We’re gonna get a real quarterback, finally!

We gave away the freaking house! Howie Roseman is insane! He makes Sam Hinkie look like a genius!

He’s a winner!

He’s a loser!

You’re the stinking loser!

Eh, whatever. You want another beer?

Sure, I’ll have another beer. Thanks.

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