FBI: This Guy in an Eagles Hat Robbed 3 Center City Banks

A man wearing shorts, a hoodie and (of course) an Eagles hat has hit three banks in Center City in less than a year.

Eagles hat - alleged bank robber

Stills released by the FBI of a man accused of robbing three Center City banks in the last year.

Yesterday, the Philadelphia field office of the FBI released images of a man it says robbed three Center City banks within the last year. The man is alleged to have robbed the Beneficial Bank at 16th and Chestnut on July 27th, the Republic Bank at 16th and Walnut on October 7th and the Firstrust Bank at 16th and Market on March 18th.

But what really drew my attention is, of course, the alleged robber’s outfit: Shorts, hoodie, Eagles hat. The official uniform of random Philadelphians! The FBI says he fled on foot from each robbery.

This guy could be from anywhere: The hoodie-shorts-Eagles hat combo can be spotted all over the region. The real question is, though: Who is this guy’s favorite Eagle? The FBI described him as being in his 30s or 40s, which should narrow it down to a few players:

  • Perhaps he’s a fan of David Akers. There are always those Eagles fans who, for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, will only wear jerseys of white players. For a while, these dudes seemed to exclusively wear jerseys of the kicker (after their Andy Harmon jerseys got too ratty to wear in public, I suppose).
  • But he could also be a Jon Runyan guy. Runyan is now, of all things, a former Republican Congressman — but he was mainly popular among fans because he wore No. 69.
  • There’s also a chance he’s a big Randall Cunningham fan. Cunningham never led the Eagles to the type of success Donovan McNabb did, but if you grew up in the late ’80s and early ’90s, he was the most fun athlete you’ll ever see.
  • But, of course, it’s almost certainly Brian Dawkins. He was the anchor of the defense when the team was the best it’d been in recent memory, and he played hard and maybe kinda dirty. Everyone loves him.

So, yeah, this bank robber’s favorite Eagle is probably Dawkins, but who knows? Anyone with information (to this person’s identity and whereabouts, not about his favorite member of the Eagles) is asked to call 215.418.4000.

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