LOCAL NEWS: Marni Snyder to Stay on Ballot in the 182nd

Plus: Pennsylvania Equality Project to petition Gov. Wolf on banning conversion therapy, and Independence Business Alliance to host third-annual Women In Business Panel.

Marni Snyder is running in a highly contested race for State Rep. of the 182nd District.

Marni Snyder is running in a highly contested race for representative of the 182nd District.

A ballot challenge lodged against 182nd District candidate Marni Snyder has been dismissed.

State House candidate Marni Snyder can remain on the ballot for the 182nd District in the April primary, Judge Rochelle S. Friedman ruled on Tuesday. Another candidate in the race, Lou Lanni, had challenged the validity of certain signatures on Snyder’s nominating petitions. Ultimately none of the challenges were upheld during the proceeding, including one arising from a photograph Snyder had circulated of a young girl writing “Philadelphia” on a petition form. “I knew we would have enough signatures and was happy to lose that signature to make an impression on her,” said Snyder. “But I will never apologize for trying to inspire young girls and young women to aspire to public office.” Lanni was not originally available for comment.

UPDATE: Lou Lanni sent the following statement, “My campaign and I had every reason to be suspect of Ms. Snyder’s petition signatures. There were several obvious falsities in her petitions which spurred us to make a challenge. However, Ms Snyder and I have had our day in court and I certainly respect the judge’s ruling. This has become an interesting race for The seat of State Representative for the 182nd District of PA. While there are four candidates competing for your vote, I respectfully submit that there is only one candidate who is not looking for career in politics but rather for a position which will allow for the 182nd to be best represented. That candidate is me, Lou Lanni. I am a lifelong Philadelphian, I know this city inside and out, I know the problems which it faces, and most importantly I am confident that I am the only candidate who will provide the sound solutions to these problems. I love this city and I simply want to do everything in my power to represent it. I am certain I have the experience and abilities to do this job better than any of my opponents.”

On March 24th, the Pennsylvania Equality Project will petition Governor Tom Wolf’s office to ban conversion therapy.

Representatives from the Pennsylvania Equality Project (PEP) plan to deliver petitions with more than 7,000 signatures calling on Harrisburg lawmakers to ban conversion (“ex-gay”) therapy. “It’s a barbaric practice,” said PEP founder David Moore. Two bills introduced in 2015, House Bill 935 and Senate Bill 45, would ban mental health professionals from subjecting minors to such treatment.

Independence Business Alliance gears up for third-annual Women In Business Panel next Tuesday.

Independence Business Alliance (IBA), Philadelphia’s LGBTQ chamber of commerce, will hosts “From Partnerships to Power: Women in Business Today,” at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts on March 29th. Notable LGBTQ panelists and allies include Pennsylvania Physician General Rachel Levine, executive director of Flaster Greenberg Gail Ruopp, Philadelphia Police Sgt. Jennifer Vrana, and Philabundance deputy director of community engagement Katherine Sprissler-Klein. “We’re so proud to showcase the work of our WiB group with an event that’s informative, thoughtful, and fun for everyone, whether male or female, gay or straight — all are invited to attend,” says Zachary Wilcha, IBA executive director. Media mogul and former politician Jazzy Grey-Sadler will be moderating the panel. Online registration for the event still open.