Spring Could Bring One Last Snow to Philly

Winter ain't over until it's over.

January 2016 snowstorm

Photo | Dan McQuade

Yes, it’s been unseasonably warm lately — heck, it’s been unseasonably warm all winter — but don’t say Nature doesn’t have a sense of humor: Spring starts Sunday, and it could see the arrival of one last snow.

It’s still just a possibility, but Accuweather is forecasting a cold, wet weekend: “As the storm begins to turn the corner on Sunday, a cold rain will fall in southern and eastern areas of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. The rain could change to wet snow in part of this area,” the service says, and adds: “The potential wet snow area will graze the swath from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.”

Over at NBC10, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz confirms the forecast.

“Don’t go canceling any plans at this point,” he writes. “But this is not just a ‘whim,’ and it’s not ‘hyping’ to put snow in the 7-day forecast for late Sunday and Sunday night for at least part of our area.”

The bright side: When snow falls this time of year, Schwartz writes, it usually melts really quickly.