“Stoic” Man Throws Molotov Into South Philly House

Police say a neighbor reported an emotionless man staring at the flames of a fire he'd started in the front of a house in South Philadelphia.

A stoic, emotionless man started a fire at a South Philly rowhome, according to reports from Philadelphia Police.

The cops say a woman reported hearing a loud boom just after 5:30 this morning. She said she saw a man standing in front of a fire engulfing the sidewalk and front window of a rowhouse on the 2200 block of South Beechwood Street in South Philadelphia.

A second neighbor on his way to work tried to intervene, but found the man “stoic” as he stared at the flames. When this neighbor mentioned calling the police, the man walked away northbound on Beechwood Street, possibly turning right on Jackson Street.

When police arrived, they found the front window shattered by a bottle of gasoline thrown through it. There was a wick on the end. The Fire Department determined it was arson. The Arson & Explosives Task Force responded along with the ATF, and found an additional Molotov cocktail on the sidewalk. No injuries were reported.

Cops say the suspect is a black male wearing black jacket, dark hoodie, khaki pants, black shoes. Anyone with information is asked to call 215.686.8477 or use this online form.

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