Sunday Storm Update: Hello, Sunshine!

Blizzard is over, and cleanup begins. Services are being restored slowly.

after the snow

Photo by Joel Mathis.

After two feet or so of snow, the Great Blizzard of 2016 appears to be over. The mess isn’t.

Dawn brought a bright blue sky and temps still freezing cold in the twenties, though Accuweather predicted the high would hit 31 degrees later today. The National Weather Service says: “For Sunday, sunny and dry weather is expected with high temperatures in the lower to middle 30s. This will lead to snowmelt and ponding of water. This water will re-freeze Sunday night when low temperatures plunge into the teens region-wide. Untreated roadways and walkways, particularly bridges and overpasses, will become slippery. This may impact the Monday morning commute.”

It’s important to note: In Philadelphia, the snow emergency remains in effect.

Just how much snow did we get anyway? reports that the official measurement at Philadelphia International Airport was 22.4 inches — the fourth-largest snowstorm in recorded Philly history. Some sections of the state were hit still harder: Somerset, about 70 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, received 35.5 inches of snow. Locally, Malvern topped out with the biggest snowfall, at 28.2 inches.

Of course snow isn’t the only issue. Shore areas in New Jersey and Delaware have received massive flooding. 6ABC reports that high tide hit at 7:30 a.m. today and “there appears to be more flooding on shore roadways, but not as severe as the day before.” Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents along the coast remain without power.

But: You’ll see a restoration of some services today.

Philadelphia International Airport reports that airlines will begin some departures and arrivals today, though you’ll want to call ahead and confirm your flight is a go. SEPTA said that city trolleys were expected to resume service today, along with suburban Route 101; Route 102 is expected to do so later in the day. Bus service resumes on a route-by-route basis at 10 a.m., with a focus on routes that feed the Broad Street and Market-Frankford lines. Regional Rail remains generally suspended, thanks to drifting snow, though the airport line is re-opened between the Temple University stop and Philadelphia International Airport.

So what’s next?

Digging out. NBC10 has this handy list of things you shouldn’t do after the blizzard — driving until it’s safe, walking without knowing your surroundings, shoveling with your back — but also reports that the Fairmount neighborhood, for one, is starting to clean up in the aftermath. Mostly, though, authorities still seem to prefer people stay off the roads. “Please remain in, don’t go driving around, we don’t want any cars,” Sea Isle City Mayor Len Desiderio told CBS3 “There is some debris on the road of course, please don’t go out.”

Clear your own sidewalk, though, if you haven’t already. Remember: city law requires Philadelphians to clear a path of three feet in front of their property within six hours of the snow storm ending, including curb cuts. Snow should not be shoveled into the street, though. So, good luck with that.

More than 400 plows remain on the streets of Philadelphia, officials said today, and plowing operations will continue throughout the week — and possibly even into the week.

What about the Temple gymnastics team?

They’re finally off the road and safe. Same for the Duquesene men’s basketball team.

What will be open on Monday?

Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for the Philadelphia School District, said a final decision won’t be made until later tonight or even Monday morning. Mayor Kenney said this morning, however, that “the city will be open for business tomorrow.”

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