Ed Rendell Wears Plastic Bag on Head After Eagles’ Loss

After the Eagles' embarrassing loss to the Buccaneers on Sunday, Ed Rendell went on TV with a plastic bag over his head to show his displeasure.

Ed Rendell - plastic bag

Image via Comcast SportsNet

Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has been a post-game Eagles analyst on Comcast SportsNet for 17 years now. (Really!) But he never seemed as embarrassed as he did yesterday, after the Eagles lost 45-17 to the Buccaneers.

Everyone was kind of angry and embarrassed. Defensive coordinator Billy Davis said “the whole thing was awful.” Mark Sanchez and Darren Sproles argued on the field after a fourth-quarter pick-six. A Birds 24/7 headlined summed it up: “The Eagles’ Humiliating Defeat.”

But while everyone was angry, no one went as far as Rendell. He wore a plastic bag on his head when Eagles Post Game Live came on after the game, and kept it on through a segment.

“This is the voice of the fans,” Rendell said to open the show, as the eyeholes on his plastic bag didn’t really match up to his eyes (at least from the camera’s vantage point). The traditional embarrassed fan headgear is a paper bag, usually one from a supermarket that’s large enough to fit your head easily, but apparently this loss was so bad Rendell needed to simulate suffocating himself. Edgy! Good thing he’s out of electoral politics.

It’s not a good time in Philadelphia sports. The Eagles are 4-6 and have lost two games in a row as home favorites. The Sixers are 0-14. The Flyers are 6-9-5. That means they’ve lost 14 out of the 20 games they’ve played this season, even if five have come cheaply (by shootout or in OT). The Phillies, coming off the worst record in baseball, aren’t making any major offseason signings. The MLS playoffs are going on, and the Union didn’t even sniff them. And Philadelphia teams have not won a home game all November. The most recent victory for a Philly sports team within city limits came on October 24th, when the Flyers beat the Rangers in a shootout.

Philly teams only have a few more chances to get off the schneid this month. The Eagles are on the road on Thanksgiving, so they’re out. The Sixers don’t have another home game until December either. The Flyers host the Hurricanes at home tonight and the Predators on Friday in their only two home games left in November. The Flyers could obviously win either one, but tonight is the best bet: Carolina’s tied with Philadelphia for next-to-last in the Metropolitan Division. Go Flyers.

Birds 24/7 has lots of non-plastic bag coverage on yesterday’s Eagles debacle.