Penn Makes Highly Dubious List of 20 Prettiest Colleges on Earth

It's a good news/bad news sort of thing.

The “BuzzFeed community” has ranked the Most Beautiful College Campuses in the World, and the good news is that Penn is on the list, at number 13, represented by photos of a snow-covered Quad and the LOVE statue. The bad news is that the Most Beautiful College in the World is someplace called Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia, where 2,000 lucky students get to wallow in glory that surpasses that of every other college campus on earth. (Berry’s photos show a grandiose quad with a reflecting pool and very bad grass, as well as a Teutonic-looking farm.)

Who else is on the list? Oh, we were hoping you’d ask, seeing as Penn does love to boast about its place on lists. Ben Franklin’s baby is but a smut-faced brat compared to, in descending order:

  • Berry
  • Flagler College
  • the University of Cape Town
  • Stanford
  • Iowa State (!)
  • Trinity College in Dublin
  • Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey (!!)
  • Elon U.
  • Royal Roads U.
  • the University of Edinburgh
  • the University of Queensland
  • and Johns Hopkins

Then comes Penn, and then, rounding out the Top 20:

  • the University of Otago (it’s in New Zealand)
  • Brown
  • Colorado State
  • the University of Michigan
  • the University of Coimbra (in Portugal)
  • Furman University
  • and the College of Charleston.

Two facts to be deduced from this list: The BuzzFeed community really, really likes faux castles. And also is full of baloney.

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