Good Morning America Named Phillie Phanatic the Best Mascot in Baseball

To celebrate, here are eight fun Phillie Phanatic GIFs.

The World Series begins tonight, and the Phillies aren’t in it.

You know that, of course. The Phillies lost 99 games this year, worst in the major leagues, and they haven’t even been to the playoffs since 2011. The Royals (yay!) face the Mets (boo!) starting tonight, and you have former Phillie/current Royal Ryan Madson to root for. Also, you should just root against the Mets as a matter of principle.

Despite their struggles the last few years, the Phillies still picked up an award today. Good Morning America named the Phillie Phanatic the best mascot ever!

The runner-up was … who cares! The Phillie Phanatic won, and that’s all that matters. To celebrate, here are eight of my favorite GIFs of the furry green monster from the Galapagos who cheers for the Phillies for some reason.

Phillie Phanatic police officer

Here, we see the Phanatic harass a police officer.

Phanatic pie

This is supposed to be an IRS agent. Here, the Phanatic pays his taxes.

Phanatic hot dogs 1

The Phanatic sometimes has three hot dogs race a child. Then, as the hot dogs are about to win the race, he trucks them with his entire body and the kid wins.

Phanatic hot dogs 2

Please note I wrote sometimes. Here is another example.

Phanatic woman

The Phanatic also harasses Phillies fans from time to time, like when he sat on this woman.

Phanatic mom

Here he is knocking his mother, Phoebe, off his ATV.

Phanatic helmet crush

One of the most classic Phillie Phanatic bits is when he crushes the opposing team’s helmet. Here he even dressed up for the occasion!

Phanatic mom pitch

And this is my favorite Phanatic GIF of all time: On his birthday a few years ago, he hit his mother in the face with a pitch.

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