People in PA Are Uncommonly Interested in Being a Slice of Bacon for Halloween

Estately reveals our state's penchant for pig. We're also disproportionately interested in dressing as eagles, goths, marshmallows, KISS and lumberjacks.

Over at the real estate website Estately, Ryan Nickum has done a Google Trends excavation to reveal which Halloween costume search terms are used more often in which state. The results for Pennsylvania are precisely as satisfying as you’d expect them to be.

“These are just the costume searches that people in Pennsylvania search for more than people in other states,” says Nickum. “It doesn’t represent the most common costume search for the state.” (Oh, whatever with your fancy parsing. That’s no fun.)

Below, behold the scores for each Pennsylvania search based on Google Trends’ somewhat baffling (to me, anyway) algorithm, which they explain this way: “Each data point is divided by the total searches of the geography and time range it represents, to compare relative popularity. The resulting numbers are then scaled to a range of 0 to 100.”

“One hundred is the max,” Nickum notes, so those results with 100 are more popular those those with lower numbers. (These terms represent searches from the last 11 years, incidentally. Last year we were all about the Slender Man costume, which is like the opposite of Bacon Man.) It speaks well of our state that we don’t have “slutty pumpkin” like Illinois. Or does it?

Bacon costume—100

Basketball costume—74

Biker costume—96

Butler costume—100

Eagle costume—100

Eskimo costume—100

Goth costume—100

Jesus costume—80

KISS costume—100

Lamb costume—85

Lumberjack costume—100

Marshmallow costume—100

Nemo costume—100

Priest costume—100

Rocky costume—98

Reindeer costume—100

Shrek costume—87

Skunk costume—90

Tin Man costume—100

Wrestler costume—78

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