Thief Stabs Walmart Employee While Fleeing with Stolen TV

A man tried to leave the Philadelphia Mills Walmart with a stolen TV and a pair of boots. He stabbed an employee who tried to stop him.

A shoplifter leaving a Walmart with a stolen TV stabbed an employee who had asked to see his receipt, police said.

This morning at about 1:30 a.m., police responded to a call at the Walmart at Philadelphia (née Franklin) Mills in Far Northeast Philadelphia. Cops say a man attempted to pilfer a 48-inch TV worth and two pairs of boots from the Walmart without paying.

The employee asked to see his receipt, and the thief showed him an old receipt for $10 of goods. The two argued.

“When confronted about this worthless receipt, this male said ‘I’m going to kill you’ and then he pulled out a folding knife and lunged it towards the chest of the cashier,” Philadelphia Police Captain Drew Techner,” told reporters.

Walmart stabbing suspect

A surveillance still of the man who allegedly stabbed Walmart employee in Far Northeast Philadelphia.

He tried to stab the cashier in the chest, but the 35-year-old employee blocked him. He was stabbed in the arm.

The man fled with the TV, valued at about $400. He dropped the boots, which police are dusting for prints. He remains at large. Police said he fled in a light-colored sedan. Surveillance cameras also captured the entire incident.

The victim didn’t go to the hospital and was treated at the scene. Anyone with information is asked to call police. Confidential tips can be called in to 215.686.8477, texted to 773847 or submitted online.