Hyped Fan on NBC 10 Compares Eagles to Jiminy Cricket

The Eagles won big yesterday. The local news put fans at Xfinity Live! on TV. You know what happened next.

Chip Kelly is a genius again.

Spurred on after what was apparently a an incredibly inspirational speech from Sam Bradford in the bathroom, the Eagles yesterday destroyed the Saints, 39-17. And it could definitely have been worse for New Orleans.

It was the type of performance Eagles fans had been hoping to see all season. And, as the local news does in times like this, NBC 10 went to Xfinity Live! to talk to fans about the game and the season. They got what you’d expect: One dude yelled “Fly Eagles Fly, baby!” A woman said she was so proud of the team.

But one man, Bernard English, was the star of the segment.

“When Muhammad Ali was down, did you count him out? When Jiminy Cricket was down, did you count him out? This is the comeback, dog! Two and three. Did you see DeMarco Murray? This is the game, dog! Whoooo!”

As far as local sports fan interviews go, this is up there with the “I am stoked, Steve!/SAID!” guy and the woman who said the Flyers’ winning the Eastern Conference was “fucking amazing.”

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