GALAEI’s Trans-Health Information Project Issues Statement on Papal Visit

GALAEI’s Trans-Health Information Project has issued a statement about this weekend’s Papal visit and their concerns regarding “the historical and present trauma caused by the Pope and his predecessors.”

The statement, in part, addresses the notion that the current Pope is receiving praise “simply because he seems to be less hateful and bigoted than his predecessors. Less is not not enough for our community any longer! If the Pope is truly open to change and progression then his holiness should be offering an olive branch.”

GALAEI also says that the Pope “on his bigger-than-life visit to our diverse and progressive city, should be sitting with members of the LGBT community, not condemning us, ignoring us, or referring to us Trans folks as ‘genetic manipulations’…If sinners were good enough to sit with Jesus, are we not good enough to sit with a man who believes himself to speak for Jesus? If Jesus looked at our hearts, is that not what the Pope should do and perhaps look into his own?”

The Pope has been invited by several LGBT organizations to meet with them during his Philadelphia visit, including a LGBT Papal Family Picnic. Thus far, there’s been no indication if the Pope will be heading to any of these events.

You can read the Trans-Health Information Project’s full statement here: Statement from Trans-Health Project