Planting Peace Puts Out Epic Kim Davis Billboard

This may be the best reaction to the entire Kim Davis debacle that we’ve seen.

Planting Peace, a “global nonprofit organization founded for the purpose of spreading peace in a hurting world” whose “projects focus primarily on humanitarian aid and environmental initiatives, including…Equality House LGBTQ rights advocacy,” has taken out a series of billboards trolling Kim Davis, and the message they deliver is pretty perfect.



The ad reads, “Dear Kim Davis, The fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we’re already redefined marriage.”

The organization’s website explains the rationale behind taking out the advertising campaign:

“The intent of the billboard is to expose this narrow interpretation by Davis and others that they use to defend their discrimination against the LGBTQ community. It is important and relevant to call this out, because these messages and actions are not simply about a political or religious debate. There are LGBTQ youth across the world who are taking their lives at an alarming rate because of these messages from society that make them feel broken or less than. We have to meet hate with love…intolerance with compassion.”

No word if we’ll see the billboard in Philly, but nevertheless: Well played, Planting Peace. Well played.