White House Invites Openly Gay Catholic Man To Welcome Pope

In a growing call for Pope Francis to meet with a variety of LGBT organizations during his time here in the United States, one report indicates that the White House has invited an openly gay Catholic blogger to welcome the Pope during his visit to the nation’s capital on September 23, just days before his Philadelphia appearance.

Fusion is reporting that 23-year old Aaron Jay Ledesma was invited by the White House Office of Presidential Correspondence to attend a White House ceremony with the Pope. This is after Ledesma wrote to the President, asking if he could attend the ceremony “because the two governing bodies that are close to him would be coming together.”

Ledesma came out when he was 21 and is a “triple whammy as a gay man,” he said during his interview with Fusion. “I was raised in the South, I’m Hispanic and I’m gay.”

There’s no word if Ledesma will actually meet the Pope during his visit