Philadelphia Is One of America’s Sexiest Cities

Playboy lauds our quality-over-quantity approach to lovemaking.

Photo credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo credit: Jeff Fusco

Playboy has just released its list of “America’s 25 Sexiest Cities” and much to my surprise (and yours, and everyone else’s), Philadelphia is on the list. And who knows better about sexy than Playboy? So it must be true.

Playboy determined which cities were sexiest based upon a number of variables—”hot locals, cool nightlife, a great setting and an undercurrent of desire.” NerdWallet crunched the nightlife numbers for Playboy, quantifying bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues per 1,000 residents. Then walkability was added into the mix.

Philly came in at a respectable No. 12 overall, getting the nod for our quality-not-quantity approach:

Sometimes less is more: In Trojan’s survey of 10 top markets, Philly ranked lowest in ­sexual frequency (99 times per year) and highest in sexual satisfaction (82 percent).

That’s the entire blurb about Philly so there apparently wasn’t much to say. But at least we got a blurb—Seattle didn’t even get that.