Here’s a Picture of Philly Jesus Performing at Last Year’s OutFest

So much for all of that righteous talk from Philly Jesus (PJ): We’ve tracked down a picture of PJ performing at last year’s OutFest, one of the largest LGBTQ parties in the city, and he doesn’t seem to have any problems whatsoever with the gays, unlike his recent suggestion on Facebook that “GAY PRiDE iS WHY SODOM GOT FRiED!”

The photo, which was taken by G Philly contributor Freedom G Photography, shows PJ looking pretty loud and proud with a mic about to hop on the performance stage at the annual event:

In case you’re wondering why we’re sharing this, it comes after PJ went on a social media “anti-gay marriage” rant last week, and his subsequent remarks to one of our writers. I also suggested we quit taking pictures with him after his “true colors” were exposed.

But this is one last shot that we can’t help but share.