BLgT USA Tour to Support Attic Youth Center Coming to Philly

From the BLgT USA Tour

From the BLgT USA Tour

We’ve all heard of the BLT sandwich: bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and if your a vegetarian like me, hold the bacon (I know…sacrilege!). But this Saturday, there’s a whole new version of that lunchtime classic rolling into Philadelphia, and it’s all for a good cause.

The BLgT USA tour (with the added “g” for “gay,” or, as the sponsors say, gouda, gruyere, guacamole, garlic, or gazpacho) is visiting all 50 states, offering “sandwiches for equality.” The concept is pretty simple, according to the folks who run the tour:

“For the summer of 2015, chefs across America are creating their twist on the classic BLT sandwich to support LGBT equality. When you buy a BLgT, proceeds go towards a local LGBT community center all summer long.”

The BLgT folks also believe that “food connects us,” and that “policy work needs a dinner date to create lasting change.” Sounds pretty tasty to me.

This week, the tour is hitting Asbury Park, Rehoboth Beach, and on Saturday, June 13th, they’ll be at Suppa (1040 North American Street) from 2-4pm with a picnic-like experience, offering up Chef Jenn Zavala’s version of the BLT. All proceeds from the event go towards the Philly favorite, The Attic Youth Center.  And, seriously, the BLgT organizers will have vegetarian options available, as per their website.

You can find out more about the BLgT movement by visiting their webpage, and if you go to the event on Saturday, use #BLgTUSA to share your posts on social media.