LGBT Voting Guide for Philadelphia Primary Election Day 2015

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th, is primary election day in Philadelphia, and we have quite the exciting race on our hands. This year’s primary season finds us voting for lots of biggies: Mayor, City Council (which includes two openly gay candidates), Supreme Court Judge and more. To make it easy for you when you head to the polls, I’ve put together a quick voting guide based off endorsements of local and statewide LGBT and progressive-minded organizations, like Equality PA, Philadelphia Gay News and the Liberty City LGBT Democrats.

I’ve listed these in order of how they should appear on your ballot tomorrow.

Justice of the Supreme Court (choose up to 3)

  • Kevin Dougherty and Anne Lazarus  (PGN and LCLD)

Judge of the Superior Court

  • Alice Beck Dubow (Keystone Progress and LCLD)

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

  • Todd Eagen (Keystone Progress and LCLD)

Court of Common Pleas (choose up to 12)

  • Chris Mallios and Mia Roberts Perez (Equality PA)
  • Chris Mallios, Abbe Fletman and Leon King (PGN)
  • James Berardinelli, Abbe Fletman, Daine Grey, Anthony Kyriakakis, Chris Mallios, Brian Ortelere, Rainy Papademetriou, Kenneth Powell, Mia Roberts-Perez, Stephanie Sawyer, Kai Scott and Stella Tsai (LCLD)

Judge of Municipal Court (choose up to 3)

  • Joffee Pittman and Dan Sulman (LCLD)

Mayor of Philadelphia

City Commissioners (choose up to 2)

  • Lisa Deeley and Carol Jenkins (LCLD)

Council At Large (choose up to 5)

Our sister blog Citified has put together some pretty amazing No-Bullshit Voters Guides for the Mayor and City Council races here and here, respectively.

Voting takes place 7 am to 8 pm. To find your polling place, download a sample ballot and get more information on election day, visit Committee of Seventy.