The Tim Tebow Pretzel Is a Real Thing

Philadelphia starts to get a taste — literally — of Tebowmania. It needs mustard.

Admittedly, we thought this was a joke when we first saw it:

But it’s not a joke: The folks at Philly Pretzel Factory really did bake a fresh batch of “Tebowing” pretzels this morning, celebrating the news that quarterback Tim Tebow is signing with the Eagles.

Suddenly, we’re realizing this Tebowmania thing might be a bit crazier than we were anticipating.

Adam Terranova, marketing director at Philly Pretzel Factory, said the pretzel was originally created a few years back when Tebowmania was at its peak.

“It’s a custom pretzel,” he said. “People enjoy the novelty of it.”

In the short term, Terranova hopes Tebow himself can be photographed with his pretzel likeness. In the longer term, he hopes demand for the pretzel is great enough to include in gameday party trays the company makes for Eagles games.

Until then, if you want a Tebowing pretzel, you’ll have to call ahead and special-order it: They’re custom baked by the company and aren’t stocked as a regular sale item in its stores.

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