Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign Video Features Two Gay Couples

She also has an openly-gay campaign manager.

Hillary Clinton Gay 1

A gay couple featured in Clinton’s campaign kick-off video.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a political rock, you’ve most likely heard that former Secretary of State and 2008 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was going to announce her bid for the 2016 Presidency today via a video. What many of us didn’t realize was just how much the campaign video would feature gays and lesbians as prominent figures.

The short two-minute clip, which you can watch below, shows the stories of several individuals who are “getting started” on new journeys or projects, from the birth of babies to opening new restaurants. A gay couple is featured, walking a dog and talking about their upcoming marriage, and the final montage features a lesbian couple.

This may very well be the first time that a major Presidential candidate featured gay couples in a positive way via campaign materials. No doubt, Clinton has been an ally for the LGBT community in the past, but her kick-off video clearly shows that she is unabashedly a full-on supporter. Also, Mother Jones is reporting that Clinton has hired an openly-gay campaign manager.

A female couple in Clinton's campaign video.

A female couple in Clinton’s campaign video.

Clearly, early indications show Clinton as a major pro-gay champion: In comparison, check out our piece on just how homophobic the current Republican Presidential nominees measure up.