Philly Players All Over This Map of America’s Most Popular Retro Jerseys

Kobe Bryant's Lakers jersey is a top-seller all over. Randall Cunningham's 1992 Eagles jersey is tops in Pennsylvania. Steve Carlton rules Nebraska.

Top-Selling Mitchell & Ness Jerseys in 2014

The top-selling Mitchell & Ness jerseys in 2014 (Graphic via Mitchell & Ness)

Mitchell & Ness recently released the top-selling retro jerseys in each state from 2014. And a man from Lower Merion has the best-selling jersey in seven different states: Albert C. Barnes, founder of the Barnes Foundation!

Okay, okay, it’s actually Kobe Bryant, NBA superstar and Philadelphia native with the tumultuous relationship with the City of Brotherly Love. His 1996-97 Lakers jersey — from his rookie year — is the top-seller in Delaware, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Bryant, ninth in Pennsylvania high school hoops history in scoring, played 71 games in his rookie year jersey that’s the top seller. He played just 15.5 minutes a game and scored only 7.6 points a contest. Of course, he was only 18. But if you’re a Kobe hater, you can take solace in the fact that the best-selling Kobe jersey is from his worst season until 2013-14 (when he played just six games due to injury).

The best-selling throwback jersey in Pennsylvania is a 1992 Eagles Randall Cunningham jersey, which should show the Eagles they need to bring back the kelly green uniforms. Joe Namath‘s 1968 Jets jersey is the best-seller in Jersey.

For some reason, Steve Carlton‘s 1976 Phillies jersey is the top seller in the state of Nebraska. Carlton has no connection to Nebraska — I even searched Nexis — but what’s odd is a different Phillies legend, Richie Ashburnis from Tilden, Nebraska. C’mon, people of Nebraska: Mitchell & Ness makes 1948 and 1950 Richie Ashburn jerseys!

Current Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg‘s 1984 Cubs jersey is the top-seller in Alabama. I searched Nexis again: No luck. But Alabama doesn’t have a professional sports team, so presumably there are some Cubs fans there.

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