It’s Coming: The Massive Snow Dusting of Spring 2015

Less than 24 hours until impact, people.

While watching the news at home on Sunday, I was amused with the local meteorologists who were warning us that it was going to get “downright cold” by midweek, that “downright cold” being a high of 42-degrees just weeks after actually downright-cold temperatures near zero crippled the region and burst lots of my friends’ pipes. But now, their biggest dreams are coming true thanks to a pretty certain snow prediction for tomorrow, which just happens to be the first day of Spring.

The latest from 6ABC meteorologist Cecily Tynan is anywhere from one to three inches for the immediate Philadelphia area, while those a bit further to the north could see three to six inches. We especially like the “Mainly Grass” insert above.

No one seems to disagree with Tynan in any significant way. Here’s the John Bolaris prognostication courtesy of

Snow arrives between 5am-7am. Changing to sleet and then rain during the afternoon. Generally 1-3 inches before the changeover. Ending between 7-9pm. Higher snow amounts depending on where you live.

Weather Underground is calling for three to five inches for Philadelphia. Same for The Weather Channel, which insists that it will snow, saying that the chances are exactly 100-percent. The National Weather Service is calling for two to three inches. The latest from the Weather CoreCast (which some people follow religiously) is just an inch. And the Eastern PA Weather Authority says it’s going with the “least aggressive” forecast, which calls for a coating to two inches.

As for the rest of your weekend, you will enjoy mostly sunny skies and 55-degrees on Saturday before temperatures plummet to a positively Arctic 45-degrees on Sunday.

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