AG: West Chester University Maintenance Manager Stole $112,000 From School

He allegedly used the money to buy $37,500 in Omaha Steaks gift certificates, among other things.


Former West Chester University maintenance manager Robert Miller has been arrested and charged with stealing more than $112,000 from the state school, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has announced.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, Miller’s scheme involved using his university-issued credit card for personal purposes, buying more than $112,000 in gift cards and other personal items.

The 67-year-old allegedly purchased pre-paid OneVanilla Visa cards in denominations up to $500 a various Rite Aid stores, which he used, in part, to dine at the Whitpain Tavern in Blue Bell, which he frequented.

He’s also alleged to have ordered lots of promotional golf balls as well as approximately 500 $75 Omaha Steaks gift certificates. What did he do with all those Omaha Steaks certificates? Well, a waitress at Whitpain Tavern told investigators that Miller gave her approximately 25 of them as gifts.

Then, according to police, he covered up his crimes by submitting altered receipts and forged and altered reconciliation reports to the university. The golf balls and gift certificates he purchased turned into “scaffolding equipment” and some of those pre-paid gift cards were counted as “first aid kits,” when it came time to submit his expense reports.

Miller’s alleged thieving activity went on from 2011 through 2014. The university gave him the boot in December when his misdeeds were uncovered. He is charged with multiple counts of theft, receiving stolen property, forgery, and tampering with public information.

Miller is currently sitting in a Chester County jail in lieu of $250,000 bail, of which he would have to pay 10 percent. Or approximately 333 $75 Omaha Steak gift certificates.

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