The Main Line Has a Counterfeit Money Problem

Incidents have been reported at DSW, the Apple Store and Bed Bath & Beyond.

According to the Lower Merion Police Department, counterfeit bills have been turning up in recent days at businesses on the Main Line, and they are asking residents and businesses to be on the lookout for the funny money.

The department sent out an alert earlier this week, explaining that there have been multiple incidents in the last several days.

In one scam, police say that a suspect used counterfeit $20 bills to make a purchase at the Bed Bath & Beyond store in Wynnewood. Days later, he attempted to return it for cash — real cash — and was caught in the process. In another instance, someone used counterfeit $100 bills at the Apple Store in Suburban Square to buy a $2,200 product. And the DSW store was also hit by someone using a fake $100 bill to buy a cheap pair of shoes, getting around $80 in change in legitimate currency.

Police are asking all businesses to use counterfeit pen markers to check all $20 and $100 bills.

The local field office of the United States Secret Service, which investigates counterfeiting, was not available for comment.

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