Vigil Held After Missing Teen Found Dead

Cayman Naib's death is "every parent's nightmare."


A vigil was held Sunday night after Cayman Naib, the Newtown Square eighth-grader who had been missing since Wednesday, was found dead not far from his home. He was a student at Shipley School in Bryn Mawr.

6ABC reports on the gathering:

Hours after the tragic news spread, a crowd of about 300 gathered at the school for a vigil.

“I came because it really shows how strong we are as a community,” said Nick Wojtelwicz.

“This is every parent’s nightmare — of course we’re saying our prayers and sending them all the love,” said Steve Piltch, Shipley School headmaster.

NBC 10 offers details of how Naib was found:

The teen’s snow-covered body was discovered around 2 p.m. Sunday in a shallow creek on the family’s 17-acre property on Harrison Drive in Newtown Square, according to the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office.

The Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue Team, composed of 20 people and five dogs, made the discovery. Mark Hopkins, a member of the team, told NBC10 they found Naib covered in snow near a stone wall in a shallow area of the Darby Creek. They immediately called police after.

“It’s difficult but you want the family to have closure so you can move on in the grieving process and that’s all you can do sometimes,” said Hopkins. “We all wanted a different outcome and this is the outcome we got unfortunately.”

The Delco Daily Times says Naib’s death may be an accident:

“I met with the family and needless to say they are distraught and wanted their privacy,” said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan. “We just finished processing the scene and have turned the body over to the medical examiner.”

The cause of death was not immediately released. Sources told the Daily Times a gun was recovered near the body with its safety still engaged and that Naib may have died from an accidental fall.

Whelan said he would not comment on the cause of death or report of a weapon until the Delaware County Medical Examiner’s office released its findings.