Stonewall Kickball Open Registration Starts Today

Sports fans, get ready: You’ve seen the players roam through the Gayborhood wearing their color-coordinated T-shirts and socks, and now you, too, can join in the fun. Stonewall Kickball begins open registration today for their kickball season, and there’s a few options on the table for those who want to take part.

There’s a Thursday evening league that meets at the Cruz Recreation Center and a Sunday League that meets at both FDR Park and Marconi Plaza. The Sunday session is pretty much an all-day affair (12:00-5:45pm), while the Thursday group leaves some flexibility for those who can only commit to a few hours (6:30-10:30pm).

Registration, which costs $46, includes the 8-week kickball session (plus playoffs), happy hours, equipment an facilities, and post-game activities. But don’t be fooled: The organization also says it’s more than just fun and games:

“It’s about more than just kickball; it’s about building a real community that interacts in a variety of settings, across age groups and genders. Kickball works great because it’s an easy sport to learn and requires minimal skill or physical ability, but it’s still very much and great for friendly competition.”

Philly isn’t the only city that offers Stonewall Sports: The league, which was founded in Washington, D.C., has teams in Chicago, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Pittsburgh. For more information about registration, click here. You can also check out their Facebook page.