WATCH: Philadelphians Sled Down Art Museum Steps on Folding Table

Not quite enough snow to make it down smoothly, but you've got to give them points for trying.


Philly photographer Adam Wallacavage (the guy who lives in this amazing house) posted a couple of videos of people sledding down the Art Museum steps to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tonight. No, there’s not quite enough snow on the steps for what you’d call smooth sliding, but that didn’t stop the nuts in the below video from trying it while riding, of all things, a folding table:

The better vehicle for sledding down the steps in this condition was this inflatable raft:

Philly style white water rafting on the PMA steps.

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They’re all, of course, just following the advice of Dan McQuade who, in his Ultimate Guide to Sledding in Philadelphia, said of the Art Museum steps:

This is the mecca. A place you must sled. It’s the old Giant Slide on Morey’s Pier, but with snow. It has to be pretty snowy for this to work — these are steps, after all, plus the Art Museum will have them cleared eventually — so the best time is at night during a huge snowfall.

(h/t HughE Dillon)