Guy Hits On Girl at Dave & Buster’s, Gets Cut With Steak Knife

It happened on Monday.

Dave & Buster's via Google Maps

Dave & Buster’s via Google Maps

On Tuesday morning, we learned that a man was stabbed in a game room at the waterfront Dave & Buster’s at 325 North Columbus Boulevard, which sounded like it could have been pretty horrible. But now we know more, and this sounds a bit like a cautionary tale for men who hit on younger women and don’t take the hint when they’re not interested.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the incident on Monday night went a little something like this:

  • Unnamed 28-year-old man is very drunk at Dave & Buster’s.
  • He starts hitting on two unnamed 19-year-old girls, who presumably were not drunk, since they are 19.
  • The girls make it clear they don’t want to be bothered.
  • Some words are exchanged.
  • One of the girls picks up a steak knife.
  • Trying to push the knife away, the guy cuts his finger pretty badly.
  • The police come.
  • Guy is taken to the hospital.
  • He realizes what an idiot he is.
  • He walks out of the hospital.

“He’s not pursuing charges,” a police spokesperson told us on Tuesday. “He was very intoxicated. So there’s not going to be any arrest or further investigation.”

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