Grey Gardens Returning to the Big Screen This Spring

Mother Darling would be so pleased.

Little Edie Header

Get out your most fashionable revolutionary costume (made entirely of old turtlenecks), don a headscarf, and get to a local movie theater: The cult classic documentary Grey Gardens will be returning to select cinemas nation wide starting in March.

The 1976 film about the reclusive cousins of Jackie Onassis has had a gay following for years, and has been the subject of a Broadway musical (which played Philadelphia Theatre Company several years ago) and a horrible HBO movie starring Drew Barrymore. The documentary follows Big and Little Edie as they recover from the “raid” of their East Hampton, New York, seaside home. The place was infested with dozens of feral cats and raccoons, and covered to the brim with trash and waste. Once high society socialites, the women fell into despair and, some would argue, mental illness, as their world simply collapsed.

That doesn’t mean the women, especially Little Edie, don’t know how to have fun: There’s lots of very, very, very strange dancing, an affinity for ice cream and pâté (that’s all they eat), and some extremely outlandish fashion choices. Plus, who can forget Little Edie’s fabulous advice about dating: “If you can’t get a man to marry you, you might as well be dead.”

Although distinct engagements and cinemas have not been announced (minus one in New York), I can imagine Philly will be on the list. (The Roxy, anyone?) Keep your eyes peeled for dates.