Comcast Labels a Customer “SuperB–ch”

The latest incident happened in Chicago.

The latest Comcast customer service story makes last week’s “Asshole Brown” tale look pretty tame.

“Yesterday Mary Bauer received her Comcast bill in the mail,” Wired reports. “But the 63-year-old Chicago area resident says she’s not going to open it. That’s because someone at Comcast switched her name on the bill, addressing it instead to ‘SuperBitch Bauer.’”

WGN reports that Bauer had had plenty of trouble with Comcast during preceding months. “Her signal is brought in to her home by Comcast. But it took months, Mary says, to finally get on a consistent basis. She says her cable continually kept shutting off, and she had to keep calling to get it fixed. ‘I had 39 technicians here from November to April,’ she said.”

The eventual result? The name-calling bill.

After last week’s incident, Comcast officials said they were looking into implementing technology that would prevent rogue employees from altering billing records to include insults, and clearly that can’t come fast enough. As Wired observes: “Comcast employs about 130,000 people nationwide. This looks like the work of a lone smart-ass with little common sense, and not like it’s the result of corporate policy.” If it happens often enough, however, the public may not care whether or not it’s policy.